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Fishing Reports

Utah fly fishing report for the Provo River, Weber River and other small creeks and streams around Park City, Utah.


Lower Provo 180CFS

It looks like the Utah weather has turned the corner. We will start having more pleasant days in the 60’s and 70’s and less days in the 40’s. Utah’s Lower Provo River is fly fishing very well most of the day. Midges and sow bugs are a big factor in the morning, the trout then transition to baetis and stoneflys in the afternoon. The Skwala are out in good numbers this year. The gravid females are a dusky grey to olive below and can be identified by them sporting the large black egg sack at the back of the abdomen. The males have a little more tan to very light orange added to the underside. Size 12 stimulators in the appropriate colors are all you need. With a good amount of stealth, fly fish up the banks near fast water. Nymphing with prince nymphs or dark brown wired stones are a good start before emergence. The baetis are still very much on the trout’s mind. Almost any baetis pattern in a size #18-20 will get some attention. Sparkle duns have work especially well. We are already starting to see a little tapering in the hatch intensity but this is probably more weather related than anything. The fish should stay on the imitations well into May. All rig configurations are working. Dry, dry dropper, bounce, swing. The bottom line, it’s hard to do too much wrong right now. The fish are spread out in all water; the flows should fluctuate in small increments for about a month. It will depend what they decide to send down the aqueduct. Maybe even to that magical 250CFS mark or a little above. Go have some fun on the river before the rafting starts.

Middle Provo 130-200 CFS

The Middle Provo is also fly fishing very well and the trout are just as happy to take your fly as a real bug. It doesn’t really matter what you tie on. Midges, blue wings, scuds, Skwalas. There has been nymphing as well as dry fly fishing for most of the day and most of the length of the river. The skwalas are a little more intense from Legacy Bridge up to River Road. There has been a good amount of pressure as you can imagine so you have to be on your game. Dry fly fishing with midges and blue wings you’ll need long straight 6x or 7x leaders and tippet. Good presentations and very good flys. We still like the setup with either a midge or blue wing dry fly trailing a midge pupa or baetis emerger in the surface film. You can get away with 4x or 5x with the stonefly patterns. Work the hard seams along the banks. You need to cover some water as trout are more opportunistic with stoneflys. Almost like hopper fishing. Don’t expect big numbers, hope for big fish. The next month will be some of the best fly fishing the area has to offer. It’s also that time of year to check the flows before heading out. Please practice a little golden rule. There’s a lot of fish and a lot of river.

Weber River 70 CFS (Rockport to Echo)

The Weber is finally up to average flows and Rockport and Echo are filling up nicely. These are smaller reservoirs and it doesn’t take long to fill them up. They will be diverting water to the Provo to help the situation over there. Fly fishing has been average to good. Nymphing is the way to go. There has been very little dry fly fishing. As far as insects, a few midges, a few baetis, a few stoneflys. Best bets are nymphing with scuds and mayfly patterns. Most of the fish are in the deeper runs and depressions and also the hollows behind the wing dams .The Weber fish are not near as picky. You can use very standard flys. Pheasant tails, hare’s ear, prince nymphs. Caddis should be on their way soon though.

Small streams, creeks and tailwaters near Park City, Utah

We are just starting to enter our runoff with the warmer weather and you should check flows on the USGS website before you venture out. We have a link on our related links page. Most lower elevation streams are at dry dropper levels but will start to fluctuate a lot. Midges, mayfly and stonefly patterns that you see below are the bill of fair. Be very careful as the water can rise very quickly and you may get stuck on the wrong side of a stream

Nymphs                                                   Drys
Mercury baetis                                        PMX
black beauties (#20-24)                          parachute adams (#18-24)
dark wired stone                                     Sparkle duns        (#18-20)                             
 sexy biot stone                                       Stimulators
Bwo Barrs emerger                                 blue duns (#22)
Wd 40’s (grey, olive)                             Morgan’s midge (#22)
Ray Charles (#16-20)                             cdc baetis
Flash back Scuds (#14-22)                    Griffith’s gnat (#20-22)
Biot Midge ( Black, grey, green)           para midge (#22)
Iron Lotus                                              BWO Thorax                                      
San Juans                                               BWO extended Body                                                                                    
Thread Midges                                    
Prince nymphs

Hope to see you on the water,

Park City Anglers

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